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From GreenPeptide to BrightPath

As of July 1, 2017, we changed the company name from "GreenPeptide Co., Ltd." to " BrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd."

GreenPeptide Co., Ltd., was established in 2003, with the mission of developing cancer peptide vaccines, which constitute one form of cancer immunotherapy. However, the field has expanded considerably since that time. During the last 14 years, robust efficacies by immune checkpoint blockade antibodies have proven the power of immuno-oncology and the world associated with cancer immunotherapy has dramatically changed. In the face of the extensive frontier, we have already expanded our field of development to include cell therapy agents and antibody agents. Our customers and other people are familiar with the name "GreenPeptide", but this includes the word "peptide", leading people to assume that peptides constitute the framework of the company's development field. This is too narrow. In other words, this carapace has become too tight, and has to be sloughed off to enable entry into a new stage of growth for the company.

The new company name, BrightPath, signifies a "bright path", and this combines three ideas.

Firstly, "bright" indicates the light of hope for all those involved in the struggle to conquer cancer, especially patients and their relatives, and physicians and other medical personnel. As at all times since establishment of the company, the hope is for creation of new anti-cancer drugs.

Cancer immunotherapy in particular shows great potential, and expansion in this area is in progress. One theme that is currently being discussed worldwide is personalized and precision medicine, which means treatments with effects that can be predicted precisely for individual patients. However, at the same time as great progress has been made in the field of cancer immunotherapy over the last 14 years, it has increasingly been realized that many issues about the complex roles of cancer immunity within the human body remain to be elucidated before personalized and precision medicine can be fully achieved.

Secondly, "bright" refers to the light of science that we aim to shine on unexplored areas of the field, and thus to help to revolutionize cancer treatment.

Thirdly, the new name means that, at this second establishment, as the company sloughs off its old "carapace" and faces a new stage in growth, it has the determination to become a leader, showing a clear ("bright") direction ("path") toward progress in cancer immunotherapy for global scientists and physicians as they advance into unexplored fields. We at BrightPath are all grateful to our customers and shareholders for this opportunity and hope we can continue to meet your needs in the field.

Kenichi Nagai, President and CEO