Investor Relations


  • Q.Please tell me about the founding of the company.
    • A.This company was established in 2003. Its mission is to develop pharmaceutical products with the aim of being able to provide cancer peptide vaccines as approved new therapeutic drugs, covered by the health insurance system, to hospitals throughout Japan, making use of the results of fundamental and clinical research on cancer peptide vaccines obtained in cutting edge research since 1992 by Professor Kyogo Ito, of Kurume University School of Medicine (then Director, Kurume University Cancer Vaccine Center).
  • Q.Please tell me the stock exchange on which the stocks are listed.
    • A.On October 22, 2015, the stocks were listed on "Mothers" (Market of High-Growth and Emerging Stocks), at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Q.Please tell me the Securities Code.
    • A.It is 4594.
  • Q.When are the accounts settlements published?
    • A.In this company, the accounts settlement period ends at the end of March every year, and the interim settlement period ends at the end of September. The settlements are published in May and November. In addition, the business results for each quarter are released.
  • Q.Where can previous business results be ascertained?
    • A.Attention should be given to the " Financial Reports " and/or "Financial Highlights" sections of this website.
  • Q.Is any shareholder hospitality provided?
    • A.None has been arranged to date.
  • Q.How many stocks are there in a single stock unit?
    • A.There are 100. NB: A stock unit refers to a trading unit.
  • Q.What procedure should be used for changing shareholders, addresses, etc.?
    • A.Requests should be made to Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, which is responsible for managing shareholder registers.
  • Q.On what dates are shareholders' general meetings held?
    • A.The annual shareholders' meeting is held in late June each year. All shareholders as of March 31 each year will be informed in early June as to the date, time and location of the meeting.
  • Q.How can the right to vote in shareholders' general meetings be exercised?
    • A.All shareholders included in the shareholder register at the final time on the shareholders' general meeting basic date, which is March 31 in the case of the annual general meeting, are notified about the general meeting and sent voting forms. Voting can be by either of the two following procedures:
      (i) Attendance at the relevant general meeting, carrying the voting form.
      (ii) Returning the voting form after marking the vote choice.
  • Q.How should one contact the company to request documents, etc.?
    • A.Questions should be directed here.

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