• A novel CD39/TIM-3 bispecific antibody that promotes enhanced anti-tumor immunity
  • BP1212 is a novel anti-tumor therapeutic antibody developed by BrightPath that elicits superior anti-tumor immunity by simultaneously suppressing multiple immunosuppressive mechanisms
  • BP1212 preferentially targets TIM-3+ CD39+ T cells and dendritic cells and inhibits CD39-induced suppression and TIM-3-mediated dysfunction of immune cells


The ectoenzyme CD39 catalyzes the conversion of eATP to AMP, resulting in an increase in extracellular adenosine, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, thereby shifting the tumor microenvironment (TME) to an immunosuppressive state. In addition, dying tumor cells release eATP into the TME, which further promotes tumor immunity. However, the degradation of eATP by CD39 is known to abolish the promotion of anti-tumor immunity. TIM-3 is a cell surface protein that is expressed on activated T cells and dendritic cells that promote T cell exhaustion and suppression in the TME. In addition, TIM-3 acts as an immune checkpoint that regulates innate and adaptive immune responses by acting as a "brake" on the immune system. TIM-3 is also highly expressed on tumor-infiltrating T cells and negatively regulates anti-tumor immunity by modulating the activity of the inflammasome. CD39 and TIM-3 are simultaneously expressed on activated T cells and antigen-presenting cells that are responsible for killing tumor cells and are suppressing anti-tumor immunity.

Thus, tumor cells exploit multiple mechanisms to either evade immune cell recognition or inhibit the anti-tumor immune response, thereby diminishing the tumor-killing potential of the host immune system. BP1212 blocks these immunosuppressive mechanisms and exerts potent anti-tumor activity.

Bispecific antibodies that block TIM-3 and CD39 induce anti-tumor efficacy and immune response by blocking multiple suppressive mechanisms

SITC 2022


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