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About Website

Only use the website of BrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd. website (this Website) after having carefully read and agreed to the conditions below. While BrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd. (the Company) takes the greatest care regarding the information on this Website, we cannot provide guarantees regarding its validity or accuracy or that there is no possibility of infection with a computer virus or other risks. Therefore, we can accept no responsibility for any damage sustained through the use of this Website or inability to use it.


The Company is the owner of the content of this Website and it is protected under the Copyright Act. We accept its personal use for non-commercial purposes but please do copy or alter it for use for another purpose without the permission of the Company.

Trademarks etc.

The trademarks, service marks, trade names, designs etc. displayed on this Website are protected by law. Their unauthorized use or other infringements of the Company’s rights are prohibited.

Changes to/termination of information services provided

The Company may make additions to, amend or delete information provided on this Website without prior notice.


Prior consent is required from the Company for the linking of other websites to this Website.
Also, due to provisions of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and other laws links to certain types of content may not be provided.
Furthermore, the Company makes stipulations regarding the information at the origin of the link. The user should take measures to facilitate confirmation that the website is linked to this Website, such as a providing a note at the origin of the link stating this clearly. The Company accepts no responsibility for the content at the origin of the link and please note that we may delete a link depending on the content of the other website or the method of linking.

Prior consent from the Company is required for linking to another website using the inquiry form, in which the address of the website it is wished to link to is clearly indicated.
The use of the Company’s logo in linking is prohibited.
Links to websites deemed inappropriate by the Company such as those considered to have illegal content or be slanderous to third parties are prohibited.

Links provided to third party websites

The Company may provide links to third party websites for the convenience of users but we do not endorse such websites or accept any responsibility for them.

Applicable law

The applicable law pertaining to the use of this Website shall be Japanese Law and the Fukuoka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction regarding disputes.